Monday, January 31, 2011

Retro Swimwear is in!

With summer right around the corner, we need to start thinking about how we want to express ourselves as individuals, while basking in the sun.  There is no better way of standing out in the crowd then with a unique retro swimsuit from! Now, I am not saying that we offer the only retro and vintage swimsuits, but what better place to get a custom made retro swimsuit that fits your body and only yours!  Most swimsuits seem to have this one size fits all mentality (or maybe like five sizes fit all), but god created us as individuals and not a few sizes fit all!  We at  understand that we as gals need to feel good in our suits no matter what style it is.  So this summer, try showing off in a handcrafted retro swimsuit that expresses YOU and only YOU!

So no more searching the web and trying to find that unique vintage inspired swimsuit!

Come on by and we will design the swimsuit of your dreams,  No matter what size you are!   Did I mention we offer free shipping on all orders?

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