Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Is Retro Inspired Swimwear Making Headway? What is your thought?

From the headline you can probably tell what this article may be about. Well, I really have came to the conclusion that either I am imagining things in my head or that I really am starting to see an emerging trend of retro inspired swimwear. What is retro inspired swimwear one might ask? It is the unique array of retro/vintage aspects of the 50's blended with modern swimwear. For an example: Leopard print, zebra print, high waisted swimwear, retro colors, more coverage in certain areas, high quality fabric with that custom made look, but also not having that really old grandma vibe. Point meaning anyone could wear these types of swimsuits (even grandma).

Back to my point. I could swear that more and more women and even younger women are catching on the trend and getting with the program. "Girls Next Door" playboy model Holly Madison, has been spotted wearing amazingly cute retro and pinup attire from Bettie Page Clothing. Although, the vintage trend has been more popular with clothing in general, I am sure that retro inspired swimwear will start making its comeback (from the fifties that is).
What kind of swimsuits are being designed with a retro emphasis you might ask? Really, any swimsuit can be modified and changed to add a little retro in its life. Adding some neon colors, making the swimsuits a little more high waisted, or just adding some leopard print to it. Obviously, there are some degrees on how retro a swimsuit can be. Personally, I could care less for the retro swimsuits over at Victoria Secret. They just really aren't that retro to me and I am sure that many pin up enthusiasts would also agree. But, in general any monokini and any one piece swimsuits can make great vintage swimsuits. It really all comes down to the designer and how much emphasis on the 50's the designer wants to go and the taste of the gal buying the swimsuit.  Some gals might want to go super retro and get a custom made swimsuit from, or buy a Victoria Secret swimsuit that has a wee bit hint of retro in it.

So... I hope I am not some mildly crazed fanatic obsessed with the retro inspired swimsuits and that this whole fashion trend has been built in my head among my own personal tastes. However, I think many that read this article can agree that retro inspired swimsuits are making headway towards being mainstream! :-)  
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