Saturday, April 30, 2011

Retro Swimwear - Pinup Australia 2011!

The Australian 2011 pinup contest was a success for us at with two of our very own precisous dames beating out the rest of the competition. This was a classic pinup showdown, with Miss Bunni Lambada taking the 2011 Miss Pinup Australia crown and Miss Gigi Vine taking Miss Classic Pinup 2011!  Bunni looked amazing on stage in her handcrafted retro swimwear and proudly showed she meant business this year.  Bunni was excited to wear her new retro swimsuit and stated that she had trouble finding classic retro swimwear that was high quality, durable and comfortable.  Let's say she looked more then comfortable on stage :)

Here were the main categories for this year's 2011 Miss Pinup Australia.....  
  • Miss Perfect Pinup- this is for all pinup gals with a love for vintage glamour.
  • Miss Illustrated Pinup- this is for those gals that have tattoos and are visible when wearing normal clothes.
  • Miss Classic Pinup- this is for those glamour pinup gals over the age of 30.
  • Miss VaVaVoom Pinup- this is for those pinup gals over a modern dress size 14. You are required to give us your measurements for this category, if you are not equal or over a modern dress size 14 you are not able to compete in this category. the measurements we go by are as follows: bust 97, waist 78, hips 103.
Miss Bunni Lambada and Miss Gigi Vine